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Summer is almost over... Look at what our Campers have been doing!

We only have 5 weeks of Summer Camp left.  School starts on August 24th!  There are still spaces available in our VPK classes - they are filling up quick.  VPK sign up is fast and easy.  Just click the link we provided  here:  hhtps://vpkcp.floridaearlylearning .com .  Follow the online instructions.  It's that Simple!!! Please feel free to call us if you have any questions (407) 891-1777.

Our campers have been busy this summer in our "Seeds of Faith" Arts Program.   Our campers have been cooking, painting, planting, dressing up on Thursdays Theme Days and much much more.  Here's just a few things our campers have been making or doing:

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Oatmeal Cookies

Homemade Apple Pie (baking now and smells delicious)

Hand made Jumbo Pretzels

Monkey Bread

learned about Folk Art including painting, mosaics and self portraits

started a little garden

learning karate (spaces still available)

dance (spaces still available)

and are practicing  the end of summer musical play: The Tale of Three Trees

The end of the year musical will be Thursday Evening, August 20th, 2015 - Time and Place to be announced.

We have had such a wonderful time teaching and educating your child(ren) the first half of  summer with Music and the Arts. We are so blessed by the children in our center and are excited about the upcoming projects still to come.

God Bless

The Shepherd's Little Family Staff




Thursdays are Themed Days!!!


Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 20, 2015!!!

Parents make sure you mark your calendars for Thursday Night, August 20th, 2015 for our end of summer -
Summer  Musical "The Tale of Three Trees"!  

More information to follow as the end of summer approaches.


Snack Attack Cards are now available for purchase!

     During our Summer Art Camp Program there will be lots of exciting activities for little hands to become involved in.  As a small fund-raiser to help purchase the extra supplies needed for our summer art program we are selling “Snack Attack” cards.  The cards can be purchased for $5 each.  Your child will be allowed to use their card in the afternoon for a special treat.  They will be allowed 1 punch a day which is equivalent to $1.00.  Your child will still receive their afternoon snack.  No cash will be allowed for the special treat.  You must purchase the “Snack Attack” card.


     “Snack Attack” cards are available for purchase at the Front Desk.   We will keep the cards on file and allow your child to earn the privilege of using them on Fridays.


     We are so excited about this Summer!  We don’t want you to miss this exciting and innovative program and the up-coming classes we are now offering such as Dance and Karate! If you have any questions please see Julie. 



We now offer KARATE and DANCE!!!

Parents we are excited to let you know we are now offering
Karate and Dance classes for your child during their child
care stay with us at The Shepherd's Little Family.
Karate and Dance will be offered at $10 class. 
Please call or drop by to get your child signed-up!

We anticipate this will save you time as a parent running your child from activity to activity.  In return we hope the time we have helped to 'free up' will give you an opportunity to bring the family back together at the  table for "Family Time."

Here are 8 reasons why you should try to sit down together 5-6 times a week, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Reason #1: Communication and Well-Being
Conversations during the meal provide opportunities for the family to bond, plan, connect, and learn from one another. It’s a chance to share information and news of the day, as well as give extra attention to your children and teens. Family meals foster warmth, security and love, as well as feelings of belonging. It can be a unifying experience for all.

Reason #2: Model Manners (and more)
Family mealtime is the perfect opportunity to display appropriate table manners, meal etiquette, and social skills. Keep the mood light, relaxed, and loving. Try not to instruct or criticize—lead by example.

Reason # 3: Expand Their World…One Food at a Time
Encourage your children to try new foods, without forcing, coercing, or bribing. Introduce a new food along with some of the stand-by favorites. Remember that it can take 8-10 exposures to a new food before it is accepted, so be patient. Trying a new food is like starting a new hobby. It expands your child’s knowledge, experience, and skill.

  • Include foods from other cultures and countries.
  • Select a new vegetable from a local farmer’s market.
  • Have your child select a new recipe from a cookbook, web site, newspaper, magazine


Reason #4: Nourish
Meals prepared and eaten at home are usually more nutritious and healthy. They contain more fruits, vegetables, and dairy products along with additional nutrients such as fiber, calcium, vitamins A and C, and folate. Home cooked meals are usually not fried or highly salted, plus soda and sweetened beverage consumption is usually lower at the dinner table.

Reason #5: Become Self-Sufficient
Children today are missing out on the importance of knowing how to plan and prepare meals. Basic cooking, baking, and food preparation are necessities for being self-sufficient. Involve your family in menu planning, grocery shopping, and food preparation. Preschoolers can tear lettuce, cut bananas, and set the table. Older children can pour milk, peel vegetables, and mix batter. Teenagers can dice, chop, bake, and grill. Working as a team puts the meal on the table faster, as well as makes everyone more responsible and accepting of the outcome. Improved eating habits come with "ownership" of a meal.

Reason #6: Prevent Destructive Behaviors
Research shows that frequent family dinners (five or more a week), are associated with lower rates of smoking, drinking, and illegal drug use in pre-teens and teenagers when compared to families that eat together two or fewer times per week. Even as older children’s schedules get more complicated, it is important to make an effort to eat meals together. Scheduling is a must.

Reason #7: Improve Grades
Children do better in school when they eat more meals with their parents and family. Teenagers who eat dinner four or more times per week with their families have higher academic performance compared with teenagers who eat with their families two or fewer times per week.

Reason # 8: Save Money
Meals purchased away from home cost two to four times more than meals prepared at home. At present time the restaurant industry’s share of the total food dollar is more than 46%. Due to scheduling, commitments, and activities, families eat out several times each week.

It is time to bring the "family" back to the dinner table. Sharing dinner together gives everyone a sense of identity. It can help ease day-to-day conflicts, as well as establish traditions and memories that can last a lifetime.  Enjoy this time - your children grow up quickly!


The Shepherd's Little Family