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This week our kids will be learning in Vpk...

Bible Story:  David thanked God.

To help childern know that we can thank God,and Thanksgiving is a special holiday for expressing thanks to God.


Bible Verse: We give thanks to God. (collossians 1:3)

For in the days of David and Asaph long ago there was a leader of the singers, and there were songs of praise and thanksgiving to God. (Nehemiah 12:46 )


Shape:  Cylinder

Letter: N (upper and lower case)

Number: 11

Color:  Brown

Our Lesson for this week for the 2yrs old and 3ys old

Our Bible story this week is: A man thanked Jesus. 

Our Bible Verse:   We give thanks to God.

(collossians 1:3)                          

Color: Brown

Shape: Cylinder

Letter: N (upper and lower case)

Number: 11


Parents ask your child about what they are learning this week.. See if they can repeat the Bible verse and explain it!  A fun game to play is "I SPY!"   On the way home have your child try to spot any animals God made and point them out... See if your child can find the Triangle shape, the letter O, the number 2 or something green!  I SPY is a fun game and a fun way for you as a parent to help your child succeed in the teachings we do here at The Shepherd's Little Family!


We still have room in our FREE VPK classroom!!! Sign-up is even easier and faster than before! ( FREE MORNING AND AFTERNOON SNACK)


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